Zeb has been leading the charge as front man for Screaming for Silence for the better part of 8 years. With a scream that rivals any of rock’s previous icons, Zeb makes sure that every show is pumped to the top with MAX energy at all times. Zeb’s innate ability to bring energy to every performance and engage the crowd leaves few to compete as a hard-rock lead and front man.


With an independent style derived from various styles over the last 10 years, Danny’s licks and hooks have become synonymous with the rising success of Screaming for Silence. If it wasn’t meant to be written, Danny doesn’t write it.


Casey can play the guitar faster than Bach could have played the piano. ¬†Fact. But seriously… Casey shines when he touches the guitar. If there was ever a definition for a rock star, Casey is it. With a Mo-hawk that even professional athletes envy, get ready for a true rock experience from Casey, every time he hits the stage.


Matt brings an exciting flare to the backset of the band with every beat. Impeccable timing is a given, but the style is beyond what most people consider living. It’s not easy to say a drummer ROCKED the show, but when Matt hits the stage, there is no looking back.