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18 September 2015

LIVE REVIEW – Headbangers Forum

Screaming For Silence


I am positive that a vast majority of my readers and online followers have been to quite a few live shows in their lifetime. We all know how it works. You’ve always got an opening band – usually just starting out – trying like hell to make a name for themselves. Sometimes, they are just flat-out bad, and other times, you wonder how the hell you haven’t heard of them yet. This past Wednesday night was the purest definition of the latter for me with Screaming For Silence.

The boys are from Omaha, Nebraska, and if they are an active example of how “Cornhuskers” put on a rock show, I’m packing my bags and moving! See, with opening bands, things can easily go one of two ways – as I mentioned above – and that can affect the entire performance. The difference here is: They walked on the stage at 7:30 that night like they owned the damn thing. In Rock music, that confidence goes a long, long way, and I guarantee you it left fans (like me) wanting to know more about these guys.



The live performance was the definition of solid. That night, I was not at all familiar with their material, meaning they could have made mistakes and I was none-the-wiser. That has since changed, and looking at the clips I recorded on my phone, they were spot-on in sound and quality. It always feels funny to watch a high-energy opening band jump around the stage in front of people who – for the most part – are standing still. I’m sure you come to expect it – after all, they don’t know you yet – but, some could find it discouraging. Screaming For Silence did not. They have strongly-written material that has plenty of spots for crowd involvement. When they broke into their song “No Way Out”, the room came alive. As someone who appreciates up-and-coming artists more than most, it was an absolute pleasure to witness.

Screaming For Silence is a part of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for Rock on the Range this year. We’re coming down to the wire with the event a little less than two weeks away. Nevertheless, visit the site, listen to the tracks, and “like” the band on Facebook to help their chances! Also, find their debut self-titled effort on both iTunes and Amazon Music!

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House Of Glass // Screaming or Silence
  1. House Of Glass // Screaming or Silence
  2. The King Is Crowned // Screaming or Silence
  3. No Way Out // Screaming or Silence
  4. Varsity Blues // Screaming or Silence
  5. Calling Your Bluff // Screaming or Silence
  6. Disgrace // Screaming or Silence
  7. Hero To Zero // Screaming or Silence